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EMMA - The Mascot of Borussia Dortmund

Since 2005, EMMA the Bee has proudly served as the mascot of Borussia Dortmund. With her black and yellow appearance and unmistakable charm, she has won the hearts of BVB fans. Named after club legend Lothar Emmerich, EMMA not only carries a famous name but also plays a significant role in the life of the club.

EMMA is the Head of the BVB KidsClub

EMMA isn't just a simple mascot - she's the heart of the BVB KidsClub. As the dedicated chairperson, she introduces the youngest fans to the spirit and values of the club. Her cheerful nature and tireless efforts make her the perfect ambassador for our team. Whether at junior training sessions, fan events, or in the stadium, EMMA is always present, spreading joy and creating unforgettable experiences.

Book the BVB mascot EMMA for your event

But EMMA can do even more: She's a real crowd-pleaser and can be booked for private events. Birthdays, weddings, or corporate parties - with EMMA, every event becomes a special highlight. If you want to experience EMMA live, you can easily book her through the official website of the BVB KidsClub. 

BVB Maskottchen EMMA von hinten

EMMA embodies BVB

The bee EMMA is much more than just a symbol. She represents the passion, unity, and tradition that define Borussia Dortmund. Her presence in the stadium and at events is an indispensable part of the BVB family. EMMA exemplifies what it means to be a true Borusse - with heart, passion, and tireless dedication to the club.

Experience EMMA up close and let her enthusiasm infect you. Because one thing is certain: With EMMA, every encounter becomes unforgettable!