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BV Borussia Dortmund - Zenit St. Petersburg
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Borussia Dortmund's "Panama" Support Program

Feeling Unsafe or Threatened? Need Help or Support? Ask for "PANAMA"

Do you feel unsafe, threatened, or pressured? Do you need help or support? Then ask for "PANAMA".

You can ask...

  • the PANAMA team, 
  • the security service, 
  • the service staff at the kiosk or mobile service staff, 
  • the volunteers, 
  • the paramedics, 
  • the fan representatives, 
  • and the fan project team 

for "PANAMA". The staff will assist you further.

The "PANAMA" concept was established to strengthen the fans' sense of security in the stadium. Asking strangers for help in a threatening situation takes courage. The barrier to asking for help is lower with the codeword "PANAMA", making it easier to seek assistance.

What Does "PANAMA" Mean?

With the question "Where is PANAMA?", anyone who feels uncomfortable or unsafe in the stadium, is being harassed or threatened, can receive simple and straightforward help. This includes situations such as feeling unwell, being overwhelmed, facing discrimination, threats of violence, (sexual) harassment, etc.

  • "PANAMA" is a support offer for everyone in the stadium! When asking 
  • "Where is PANAMA?" or using the codeword "PANAMA", no further explanation is needed! 
  • All staff members in the stadium can be approached! 
  • Direct help is provided without further questions or judgment! 
  • There are different support options tailored to the situation! 
  • Those seeking help decide on the type of support they receive! 
  • If desired, those seeking help can retreat to the PANAMA room in the stadium!

Who Is the "PANAMA" Team?

The PANAMA team takes care of affected individuals and consists of trained staff from the security service. The PANAMA team is on duty from stadium opening to closing and is always available to assist you during this time.

What Is the "PANAMA" Room?

A room has been set up in the stadium where those seeking help can retreat, take a breath, and receive further assistance if desired. The room is staffed by psychosocial emergency responders from the Red Cross, who provide care and support to those in need upon request.

Who to Contact After the Game?

Outside of match days, the fan representatives of the team operations are available to assist you. They treat your concerns confidentially. You can find their contact details here:

Johannes Bagus

Tel.: +49 231 9020-4644
Email: [email protected]

Andreas Bauer

Tel.: +49 231 9020-4645
E-Mail: [email protected]