Borussia Dortmund Table tennis – Fifth Team

Season 23/24

Following their promotion to the 1st Bezirksklasse, the Fifth Men's Team aims to "gain experience" this season. Led by team captain Ulla Reitemeyer and Evgenui Fadeev, the team will strive to strike a balance between nurturing talented youth players and leveraging the experience of seasoned ones to secure a place in the mid-table.

The season objective will be pursued with the following lineup:

  • Quint Lars Litskgi 
  • Ilja Schäfer 
  • Frank Rybalchenko Kirill 
  • Carari Vignesh
  • Qi Anthony 
  • Kamalendran Harish 
  • Stephan Marcel 
  • Peng Hongyuan 
  • Voß Julius
  •  Team Captain: Ulla Reitemeyer; Evgenui Fadeev