Accessibility at SIGNAL IDUNA PARK

Borussia Dortmund offers a wide range of services for fans with disabilities at SIGNAL IDUNA PARK, making it an important part of social inclusion in Dortmund. In various areas adapted to different disabilities, not only are technical aids available, but also special services provided by our many dedicated volunteers.

  • There are 72 wheelchair spaces available in blocks 3 and 6 on the East and West stands. 
  • For visually impaired fans, there are 20 seats in Block 5 on the East stand, along with 20 additional seats for their companions. The headphones for the audio commentary are distributed and collected by volunteers in the block. 
  • For hearing-impaired fans, there are 25 seats in Block 34 on the West stand. A sign language interpreter translates all important information.
  • Additionally, there are more seats for fans with disabilities in Block 9.

For any questions regarding accessibility for fans with disabilities, the following contacts are available:

Nicole Strothmüller (Fan Representative) Phone: 0231/9020-4632 Email: [email protected]

Uwe Pleß (Disabled Fans Representative) Phone: 0231/590966 Email: [email protected]

You can also contact Nicole Strothmüller on match days.

SIGNAL IDUNA PARK has been assessed for accessibility according to the nationwide "Travel for All" labeling criteria.