Mannschaftsfoto mit allen Spielerinnen und Trainern der ersten BVB-Frauenfußballmanschaft der Saison 23/24

BVB Women – First Team

Since October 2020, we have passionately promoted the sporting development of women's football at Borussia Dortmund within the girls' and women's football department. Since their inception, our BVB Women have been promoted three times in a row and will compete in the Westfalenliga, the fourth tier of German women's football, in the upcoming season.

Here you can find all the information about the squad of the BVB Women's first team. Learn more about the players who proudly represent BVB women's football. Discover the Borussia Dortmund women's football team.

Find out everything about the goalkeepers, defenders, midfielders, attackers, and the coaching team of the BVB Women.

News on BVB Women's Football

Friendly Matches of the First Team:

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