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The Youth Center of the Youth football Academy

22 Highly Talented Footballers Find a New Home Here

They come from all corners of Germany – and the world. Young footballers, highly talented, highly ambitious. They all pursue a great goal: they want to become professional footballers. For this, they leave their families and friends behind.

The modern, well-equipped youth house at the Youth Performance Center in Brackel is the new home of 22 highly gifted footballers. When the boys open the door and have one foot still in the hallway, the other is almost already on the training pitch. Short distances, the big dream, the great goal directly in sight.

But they don't live in a comfort zone. "We don't want to develop little princes in colorful football boots," says managing director sports Lars Ricken and reveals: "It's a considerable effort that the boys have to make. Essentially, they have two jobs: football and school. They often get up at 6 a.m. and finish around 8:30 p.m. - usually five times a week. This is no joke."

Stefanie Scheibe: The New "Boss" Since Summer 2022

Since the summer of 2022, Stefanie Scheibe has been in charge at the BVB Youth House. A mother of two, she has been involved in sports, particularly football, for many years. It's no coincidence that she also guards the goal for the BVB women's team.

Nearly 200 young individuals have passed through the Youth House. Each year, some move out because they change clubs or find their own homes. Every year, new residents arrive. It's a temporary patchwork family. A football community with a purpose. Trust, reliability, and mutual respect form the foundation of this coexistence. For such a large community to function, rules must be established, and boundaries set.

This allows them to learn to fight against resistance, develop as individuals, and tackle problem-solving independently. Skills that also benefit them on the field. Under Stefanie Scheibe's guidance, the boys are in good hands.