Here you will find an overview of the stadium plan to help you navigate your visit. The different colors on the map indicate various categories and price ranges of seating and standing areas.

Stadionplan des SIGNAL IDUNA PARKS
  • West Stand (West): This area includes blocks 20 to 27 and blocks 30 to 36.  Block 34 has special seating for the hearing impaired, including an area for wheelchair users (Block 3).
  • East Stand (Ost): This stand comprises blocks 40 to 54. You will also find a dedicated area for wheelchair users in block 6, and seating for visually impaired individuals in block 5  Block 34 has special seating for the hearing impaired.
  • South Stand (Süd): Famous as the largest standing terrace in Europe, the "Yellow Wall" includes blocks 10 to 15 and blocks 80 to 84.
  • North Stand (Nord): This stand features blocks 60 to 78.