Samstag 07.09.2019, 1. Fussball - Bundesliga Saison 19/20 - Traditionsmannschaft in Treffurt, 

Die Traditionsmannschaft von Borussia Dortmund bei einem Gastspiel in Treffurt

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BVB Traditional Team

The Traditional Team - A Great Ambassador for the Club

Wherever the BVB Traditional Team appears, the hearts of fans everywhere go out to the championship players of the past. Team leader Günter Kutowski, supervisor Ralf Schwentek, and physiotherapist Reinhold Mathes travel across the country to numerous charity matches and special events hosted by the respective organizers, bringing along the football legends of yesteryear.

The team is enriched by both the 1989 Cup winners such as Frank Mill, Michael Rummenigge, Michael Lusch, and Günter Breitzke, as well as younger championship players like David Odonkor, Toni da Silva, and Florian Kringe. Player-coach Jörg Heinrich, a Champions League winner, also stands his ground in the central command station.

At the annual training camp in the Kitzbühel Alps, the players prepare themselves for a successful season.