BVB Fan Representatives

The Fan Affairs Department is part of the KGaA. Its tasks are varied and are divided among ten full-time fan representatives. They are the first point of contact for all fan matters related to BVB. The department is led by Benedikt Watermeier, who has been with BVB since 2019.

Match Operations

In the match operations area, Sebastian Walleit (with BVB since 2008), Nicole Strothmüller (2020), Johannes Bagus (2023), and Andreas Bauer work. A large part of their tasks includes accompanying and organizing and communicating the pre- and post-preparation of matches for the professional team, the U23, and all other BVB matches attended by fans. They also organize the away season tickets, advise on stadium bans, and are available daily for all stakeholders in the active fan scene.

Fan clubs

In the fan club area, Alexander Winkler (with BVB since 2016), Sandra Brinkhaus (2019), Marcus Vedder (2022), Philipp Palm (2023), and Petra Stüker (1981) work. This area primarily involves handling the concerns of all over 1,070 official national and international fan clubs, which organize over 70,000 fans, but also fulfilling various administrative office tasks for the department. In addition, offers and events for fans and fan clubs are developed and implemented here.

Staff Positions

Besides the two mentioned areas, three positions have been created in recent years, each focusing exclusively on a larger, conceptual area. Sebastian Schneider (with BVB since 2017) is responsible for international fans and fan clubs, a new team member will soon join for youth fan work, and Luisa Walleit (2016) is responsible for inclusion work as part of the staff positions within the department.

Additional tasks include leading the Fan Council, regional networking, and supporting anti-discrimination work. The fan representatives also work closely with the volunteer fan department of the e.V. and the Fan Project Dortmund, which advocate for fan concerns outside the KGaA. If you want to learn more about the various topics and tasks, as well as the priorities of the fan representatives, you can find the current flyer on fan work at Borussia Dortmund here:

Individual fans can use the general email address [email protected] for any concerns. For fan clubs, the email address is [email protected].

Additionally, the fan representatives inform about all current fan topics via their social media channels on Facebook, X, and their WhatsApp channel.