The new episode of "From Borusse to Borusse" is out, with Erling Haaland answering the questions you have asked via social media. How is our Number 17 spending his time during the corona crisis, how did he feel when he stood in front of the Yellow Wall for the first time, and what music does he listen to? He has all the answers. And his father has a question too...

Question: How does it feel when the whole stadium is chanting "Erling Haaland"?

Erling Haaland: Honestly speaking, it's been one of the best moments of my entire life to date. Whenever it happens, it's simply unbelievable and indescribable.

Question: How do you spend your time during corona and what do you like eating most?

Haaland: I coach and meditate a lot, and play FIFA with the guys. My favourite food is kebab pizza.

Question: What's your favourite word in German?

Haaland: I don't know quite how it's pronounced: "Malocher" (grafter). I like "goal" too.

Question: What was it like standing in front of the Yellow Wall for the first time?

Haaland: Pure goosebumps. Seeing the Wall and all those fans is simply amazing. It's one of the best feelings that you can have.

Question: Who was your biggest idol?

Haaland: I had a lot of idols as a child. I have to mention two players: Cristiano Ronaldo and Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Question: What advice would you give to young strikers involved in grassroots football?

Haaland: Always stay hungry. Always be on the lookout for goals and balls.

Question: Who do you get on with best in Dortmund?

Haaland: Thomas Delaney, I think. We speak almost the same language, I can speak Norwegian with him. That's why it's Thomas.

Question: What's your favourite music and do you have a song that motivates you before a match?

Haaland: Good question. I like listening to music from the Norwegian rapper Amara. And before every match I listen to a song called "Keep Dreaming". That's the song I listen to before every game.

Question: What's your pre-match routine like?

Haaland: Meditation.

Question (from his dad, Alfie Haaland): Do you miss your dad?

Haaland: A bit, yes (laughs).

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