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Ruhr derby to take place behind closed doors

For all football fans in the Ruhr region, it is the worst-possible scenario: the impact of the rampant Coronavirus continues to be felt in the run-up to the derby in Dortmund on Saturday. The City of Dortmund has decided to follow the recommendation of the Ministry of Health and will not be granting entry to any spectators for BVB's Bundesliga home game against FC Schalke 04. It is a decision that does not make anyone remotely happy, but one that Borussia Dortmund has had to be prepared for over the past 48 hours.

We are very sorry to have to cancel all tickets. It goes without saying that the ticket price shall be refunded in every case.

More specifically, this means that tickets purchased via the BVB Call Centre, the Online Shop or by direct sale will be refunded to the customer account. Those who have purchased tickets via BVB advance booking points can get the ticket price back from there. Tickets acquired from the away club will be refunded via FC Schalke 04. The BVB Ticketing Department will contact all ticket buyers via e-mail shortly.

Portions of season tickets are to be refunded as soon as we receive definitive information about the coming matchdays.

As soon as further information becomes available, it will be published on the BVB channels.

Another urgent request: please refrain from claiming the money back via your bank, as this will help us to save unnecessary costs. Additional costs such as hotel costs cannot be reimbursed.

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