"On the one hand, we clearly have to hold our hands up for our chance conversion. We had so many opportunities, especially situations that should be 100% chances," explained Mats Hummels following the Frankfurt clash.

"In the second half, we never managed to get into central positions in front of goal or create a good situation," said Hummels in his interview with Sky. "We also allowed the game to get really out of control; in that regard, there were parallels to the Cologne game which at times was the same. We were not precise, focused or just technically good enough on the ball. We obviously should have also made better use of the chances that we had. We now need to ensure that we pick up wins. Unfortunately, we've dug ourselves another big hole with our most recent games. Even with six or seven wins, it's going to be difficult to get fourth place. We need to put in the performances in the Bundesliga and then see where that gets us. In the cup competitions, we want to try to make it through."
Transcribed by Timo Lammert