Lucien Favre would have liked to see his team play with more purpose in their match against Bayern Munich. Once the final whistle had sounded, he also spoke about the handball penalty that never was and the title race.


Lucien Favre on his team's performance:
"Our performance was generally okay, especially at the start of the first half and in the second half. But there were a few things missing: precision, the right movement, a few final and penultimate balls, acceleration with the ball and more shots at goal. It was possible three or four times to shoot from 20 or 25 metres. We didn't do that. You can't always score a goal with a run in behind, a cross or a cutback. We need to have shots at goal."

...the opposition:
"We mustn't forget that we were playing against a very good team. Bayern defend very well and are well-organised. You need to be patient against a team like that, otherwise it can be very dangerous. All in all, we tried everything and delivered a really good performance across the 90 minutes."

...the handball penalty that never was:
"I watched a replay of the incident after the match. A penalty could be given for that because Boateng clearly moved his elbow out. If he hadn't done that, the ball might well have gone in. It was difficult to see and to come to a decision."

...the title race:
"It will be brutally difficult for us because we're seven points behind and there are only six matches left. We need to keep giving our best in order to win games."

...the injury to Erling Haaland:
"I don't think he'll be out for long. He sustained a knee injury. We don't yet know exactly what it is."

...the absence of the fans:
"Everyone knows we miss our fans, especially when we played in front of the Yellow Wall in the second half."
Transcribed by Christina Reinke