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BVB Fans Int. App

Borussia Dortmund introduces its first international fan app

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Now available for download in all relevant app stores, the BVB Fans Int. App has been specially designed for BVB fans outside the German-speaking world. Whether members of an official international fan club, supporter groups or simply enthusiastic fans – the BVB Fans Int. App makes it easier to get in touch with like-minded people from all over the world and share the common passion for BVB.

Over the last six months, we listened carefully to our fans’ requirements and wishes regarding a fan app. Together with Liquiditeam, the official provider of the BVB Fans Int. App, we´ve created a comprehensive digital fan experience that is built on the three cornerstones:

Community comes first

Official BVB fan clubs are represented with their own profile and thus for the first time have the opportunity to present themselves in an official black and yellow setting and thereby recruit new members. In addition, app users get access to a map that shows various BVB locations around the world. The wandering around in a foreign city looking for the next pub where the BVB game is shown has finally come to an end.

Fans rule, especially their content

Of course, exciting and official content about BVB and match days of the first team is included. But we also want to break new ground and give BVB fans the opportunity to emerge as content creators. Selected app users who produce valuable content for the entire community can share their art for the first time on a BVB-owned platform. Fan podcasts, fan live updates or memes? The more creative the better!

Interaction is at the heart of the app

We want to recognize the passion of our fans and make their voices heard, wherever they are in the world. By participating in interactive features of the app like votings, proposals or the Ideation Hub, fans can not only signal what content they would like to see next but also inform us about creative ideas that would enhance their fan experience with BVB. And their opinions count, because the club will actively seek out opportunities to implement great ideas.

The BVB Fans Int. app not only breaks new ground in fan engagement, but also allows the club to gain experience with the blockchain technology. The app operates with so-called BVB tokens, which are digital social items that allows users to boost ideas, content, and comments which they enjoy. BVB-Tokens cannot be bought nor traded! Tokens are only earned through active in-app engagement, for example: The more tokens a user collects, the more they can participate and interact with BVB. There are several ways of earning tokens and we will constantly add new ways of engagement. To ensure every registered app user can participate, each time we upload a new voting, we will gift all users one token.

Together with our fans and their feedback we want to constantly evolve the app and create the best possible version for all of them. This beta version of the BVB Fans Int. App is only the start of a newly defined international fan relationship and engagement. If you are looking for more information, follow this link.

If you are reading this on a smartphone, you can download the app here.

Get ready for more and get closer to BVB!